Nothing But Concrete

About Us

We started Nothing But Concrete in 1993, doing mainly framing jobs; however, over the past 20+ years, we have grown to include many different services within the construction industry. We wanted to be able to provide services that would set us apart from our competition and make transitions within a job easier. Since we were able to take on more roles within one project, excavating, forming, and framing, providing our clients the ease of only dealing with one contractor, us. 

We are a Licensed Residential Builder and we started building custom concrete homes 12 years ago. We have developed a successful process and understand all the preparation that needs to take place prior to construction.

For our flatwork, we have a roller screed, which will yield a schedule D floor or surface - runway quality. This is similar to a Truss Screed, but is portable. Our quality equipment leaves our placers "fresh" for the finishing portion, providing the perfect flat floor. 

Our framing skills have evolved with technology throughout the years, allowing us to provide a more efficient and thorough service. We enjoy the challenge of difficult jobs, as this is a great way to utilize our skills, while also keeping them fresh. We specialize in luxury residential and timber frame construction. Gregg, the Principal of Nothing But Concrete, was fortunate enough to have been trained during his apprenticeship by the legendary Larry Haun, who has great influence on our work.

Recently, we started a ground screw division, which is a great alternative to concrete foundation, especially in areas where there would be temporary buildings such as constructions camps, or remote locations where conventional construction is neither cost effective or possible. With our screws, they can remove the buildings and then unscrew the ground screws, then take them to the next location. No concrete foundation is left behind to be demolished. They do not need the area to be excavated and frost protection is unnecessary. The screws are very versatile and we are excited to utilize this foundation alternative. 

We were involved with the first Cross-Laminated Timber house in North America where tolerances for the foundation were less than 1mm over 150'. Our involvement was the multi story foundation and placing of the Cross- Laminated Timber panels.

Nothing But Concrete is a strong company filled with energetic and passionate people who are eager to meet your needs and serve you well. Everything we do is about offering customers quality workmanship, quality service, and a quality experience.

That's enough about us, let's talk about you. Whether you are doing retaining walls, slabs, building a new home, or what ever other project you have in sight, we would love to talk to you about it. We are not afraid of difficult jobs, we thrive on them. We are your one-stop-shop concrete contractor working to take the stress out of your project.